Attorneys Thomas W. Goldman and Peter J. Loughlin are proud to announce the release of their new guide, “Applying for Asylum in the United States” explaining how to apply for asylum -  available in print or in downloadable PDF format. Our asylum clients at the Goldman & Loughlin, PLLC Law Firm have fled violence, persecution, and civil wars around the world. Some have come to the United States legally with a visa, and then overstayed, but others have risked their lives traveling by boat on the high seas to U.S. shores or by making their way undetected across the Mexican or Canadian borders.

Their stories are both tragic and unbelievable at times to many Americans. Haitians tell of horrible beatings with guns, batons, and machetes, and of their family and friends being killed for expressing their political opinions. Colombians live in fear of the FARC guerrilla group and flee their country in order to save their lives, many times leaving children behind; Venezuelans are “blacklisted” by Hugo Chavez’s regime; East Europeans are victims of human trafficking and prostitution rings; Kenyan women are subjected to female genital mutilation; Indonesians are targets of religious persecution; and El Salvadorians are menaced by gangs that the government is not able to control.

All of them have in common the goal to journey to America in order to have a better life for themselves, and hopefully, for their families in the future.

Why The How To Apply For Asylum Guide Was Written

This how to apply for asylum guide was written to provide useful information on filing for asylum in the United States. The focus is on the requirements for eligibility and the asylum process. The information presented is an overview and does not attempt to deal exhaustively with any of the topics covered.

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