Who to Trust For Answers to Fiancé Visa Questions

The process of getting a K1 fiancé visa or a visa to allow a foreign national fiancé to enter the United States can be a very confusing indeed. Although properly prepared and filed applications for K1 fiancé visas are usually approved, a good deal of scrutiny goes into the screening of these applications by consular and immigration officers due to fraud, abuse, and trafficking issues.

Engaged couples who have a genuine relationship and valid purpose in applying for a K1 fiancé visa should look a competent immigration attorney for answers to their fiancé visa questions. Beware of opportunistic companies, online and offline that promise faster processing times and guaranteed approvals.

Legal Answers to Fiancé Visa Questions

When it comes to getting legal advice, you should only rely upon legitimate K1 fiancé visa lawyers for answers to your fiancé visa questions and expert assistance. Never resort to following advice about highly questionable, if not illegal methods to circumvent the legal process. Again for applicants with a bona fide relationship and properly filed cases, approvals are historically high. Do not risk being denied by wasting your time with inexperienced or illegal K1 fiancé visa companies.

There are a lot of things that the foreign national fiancé and the US citizen need to know about the application process in order to minimize delays and avoid any costly mistakes. You must be able to provide all the required documents proving identity and financial capacity, proof that there is indeed a bona fide (valid) relationship from which you are now moving towards marriage, and you should be prepared to answer all the detailed fiancé visa questions that the consular officer will ask during the K1 fiancé visa interview.

Fiancé Visa Questions About Processing Times

Although K1 fiancé visa application procedures are discussed on a host of government and private website, there are no reliable guarantees as to the amount of time it would take to complete the process. There may be additional supporting documents you can submit in order to expedite the process and avoid requests for evidence that can seriously delay the process. Having an immigration attorney to guide you through the process is advisable in order to avoid unnecessary delays complications.

An immigration attorney can explain all you need to know about the immigration process and is the best person to help you deal with the legal requirements of applying for a K1 fiancé visa. Once the initial Petition for Alien Fiancé is filed, your immigration attorney will guide you every step of the way through the process of coming to the United States and, eventually applying to obtain your green card. Be aware that once the foreign national fiancé arrives in the United States with their K1 fiancé visa they must marry the petitioner within 90 days of their arrival if they wish to adjust status to obtain a lawful permanent residence. Please see our article and broadcast on green card by marriage cases.

Sometimes honest but ill prepared applicants are denied. Hiring a fiancé visa lawyer could prove to be particularly helpful in the interview stage where the foreign-national fiancé can be prepared beforehand to answer the detailed fiancé visa questions that would likely be asked by the interviewing consulate officer. It is best to be well prepared as the officer’s fiancé visa questions may be grueling as the consulate officer tries to validate all information to rule out any fraudulent or criminal intent.

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